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An excellent online word count tool for you. Sometimes you encounter official requests from your seniors. Other times you need to verify the integrity of the work submitted by your employees or partners. This is the best word counter utility for you.

Not only is it designed to fulfil the word counting need, but also it serves as a character counter enhancing easier and credible character count. It is extremely simple to use this word counter, paste the text in the text area provided and press the button (count). Your results will automatically be displayed with word count and character count. Try now!

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Letter Count Tool

Expert bloggers, social media gurus, and marketing consultants understand. The need to know the number of words in the information they give out. Yet, with increased knowledge of dealing with the broader audience. Letter count or character count has become the order of the day.

While doing your favorite twitter, Facebook, and instagram post. This is the most important tool to use. It is important to understand the word importance. While writing that message to your company associates or even your friends. Said words have a huge impact than the reverse.

How to use:

Simple to use. Just post your message to the text area provided below, then click count. You will get your Letter count or character count on the screen.

Create a change in your words delivery.