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Sometime back I decided to count the letters that are present in an email template. The reason was that I wanted to avoid passing the character limits. I did my bit of research but I could not figure out a way to manage the letter counting quickly using my Macbook. This is why I decided to research the internet.

I found some tools for counting letters but somehow I was not convinced. Being a web designer I decide to come up with my own tool for the same purpose. I just hope that my Character Counter proves to be useful to others as well.

Exploring the tool

Well, Character Counter is a character and word counting tool that is available completely free online and you will get the results right away. Plus you will find this tool pretty easy to use.

Usage Method

First, you will need to copy the content for which you need to count the characters. You should paste the text in the text area of the Word Counter. You also have the option to manually type the words and characters in the text area. Once the text has been entered, you have to click the count button and the counter will display the total characters and words. The characters are displayed with spaces and without spaces as well. Additionally, the Word Counter will also display the total lines pasted in the text area.

Devices compatible with the Counter

The good news is that Character Count is compatible with all the devices. This is why you can use it on your mobile phone, tablet, console or your computer. The results are bound to be satisfactory.

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