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Do you find it hard to understand the concept of global unique identifiers and generate them? Well, GUID generator is going to make your life easy. The reason is that this tool allows you to generate the GUID strings in no time insider your web browser. This means that these strings will remain safe and will not be sent across the internet as well. The best part is that the GUID codes have many uses. They can be used as serial codes for Mac and Windows. You can also use the identifier codes as coupons for different online stores.

Understanding the perception of global unique identifier

If we have to define this identifier in simple terms, then it is a 128-bit integer number. You can identify the resources using the identifier. Developers use these integer strings when working on Microsoft Technologies.

Uniqueness of global unique identifier

This identifier is a 128-bit unique integer. The algorithm used to generate this number is also unique. For example, if 1,000,000,000 are generated per second for a period of one year, then the chances of duplication are only 50%.

Using the global unique identifier

You can use this integer string in component identifiers, Java, C# and C++ as the database keys. This identifier is also used to identify COM programming objects and interfaces.

When you use the GUID generator, then you have the option to include upper case, hyphens, and braces in the strings. You can also select the quantity of identifiers using the slider present on the screen so do try it out.

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